Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Final Betrayal By My Arch Nemesis

Sounds like a juicy headline, doesn't it?  

There's no interpersonal drama going on, so if you're looking for seedy gossip, I apologize.

But I am angry.  And I'm annoyed. And just plain pissed.  😠

Day 14 isn't going as planned, but I guess that is to be expected.  And to be honest, I never found it to be much fun to follow people who have their "eternal bliss" on display at all times. Rest assured, there's no bliss here today!

And I hope you weren't terribly distracted by my half missing makeup or the random dog hair all over my sweatshirt.  Just trying to keep it real 😉

Love to you all xoxox ❤️


  1. Oh, yeah, I could have told you about those lattes!! YIKES, that's a lot of carbs!!! Too bad you're not bouncing off the walls instead of tired.... a 12 oz can of Miller Lite only has 3.2 carbs. No wonder Janet stays so slender! Hahahaha.... Totally enjoyed your vlog, again today!! Of course, I've never been one for motion sickness, so..... Justin is right, you are going to see results a lot faster now that you are cutting out the lattes!!! :)

  2. I love these cause I feel like I am seeing you and talking to you in person - which doesnt happen NEARLY often enough! I love you - keep on keepin on! :-)