Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Three Days of Diet Insanity

That's what it felt like.  Insanity.  Especially with anything that involved me trying to eat (and DRINK) correctly.

I took a few moments each day to record a video, but I couldn't seem to process written words in my brain.  Maybe it was the latte withdrawals.

Regardless of the reason, here I am with three different video reports.  I'm sorry to overwhelm you with my Vickiness, but that's just kinda how it worked out.

Let's start with Day One of Lattelessness.  It was a doozie, but I think I'm officially "off the lattes".  Here we go:

Yesterday was kinda rough.  I wasn't feeling so good about myself for most of the day.  My self image was kinda in the crapper, which had me feeling a bit nervous before trick or treating.  I hate "non-delusional days" when the reality of my situation kicks in.  You'll see what I mean:

And last but certainly not least, here's my post-Halloween report.  I had some interesting research and development (good ole R&D!) findings that I wish someone else would test with me, as well as a little message at the end for my friends who have not been sucked into "the parent vortex".

Hope you all had a nice Halloween, and here's a little giggler that I found on the website of an awesome local author, Heather M. Gardner, who writes fabulous romance novels:

If you clickity click on the banner below, it will seem like nothing happened, but it did!  You can close the window as soon as it opens if you like.  T'anks peeps!
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1 comment:

  1. I'm not sure I could give up my coffee. That's just crazy talk.
    Good for you trying to make positive changes! Keep it going!

    I do love that cartoon.