Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Sweet Freedom - Part One - I Found Help

Yay, me!!!

Earlier this month, I completed Lydia Wente's Beat The Binge program, and HOT DAMN.... I am  PSYCHED!

Lydia recently invited me to do an "exit interview" after graduating the program and I was quite honored to be a part of it.  God knows that after dealing my wackiness on a daily basis for 8 weeks, I should do anything she asks of me.  

The fact is that the whole process was amazing.   And I had..... get this..... an incredible time!  Yup.  I said ‘incredible’, and I mean it!

Granted, there were some tough moments as I tried to find answers to overcoming my eating disorder, but when the answers came, they always left me wanting more.  Every step was even more exciting and educating, leading me to WANT to search for more answers.  It never once felt tedious or boring.   This was self-discovery at its finest AND most enjoyable.

And if I had a dollar for every "Ah-HA!" moment that I had, I'd be a happy camper.  I always love a good "Ah-HA!" moment.

There is nothing else out there that even compares to Lydia's program.  Lydia is so knowledgeable and just brilliant in her field.  An extra bonus is that she has such a warm heart and fun personality! Here we are discussing my experience with the Beat The Binge program:


If you know anyone who might benefit from Lydia's program, please share this post or her video via social media or email.... or whatever it is that you do to pass on interesting info!  

Truthfully,  there are probably many people in our lives who WOULD benefit from this but we just don't know it.  No one knew how much I needed Lydia's help until I discovered it myself.  I would have been so grateful if someone had pointed me in her direction much earlier.

Please share.  You may be doing an enormous favor for someone you care about!

Many blessings,

PS.  Part Two of my finding freedom is coming verrrrrrrrry soon.  Like, tomorrow!

This ABSOLUTELY is NOT a paid endorsement for the Brain Over Binge Program!!  Just the facts....according to me (and hundreds of others 😉)


  1. It is important for people to know this program is several thousand dollars. I was devistated to go through the intake process only to be told this at the very end. After baring my soul and feeling vulnerable, the intake person really pushed me to use whatever means necessary to pay for this.

    1. I am SO sorry to hear that you felt misled. Please feel free to contact me privately and I’d be happy to share some of the free or much less expensive ways I found to be extremely helpful. Xoxo

    2. I also felt really disheartened by this... I generally feel really willing to pay for help, therapy, etc. But putting 8 thousand dollars towards a program I don't know much about is killer... I'm not in debt with my eating disorder right now, so I'm not going to go into debt for this help. I just think that is really unnecessary and was truly the only part that made me feel icky. Really grateful for Lydia's YouTube videos, though! I've learned so much about what things I need from someone to work with as I try out different coaches/therapists this week!

    3. Thank you for this. I was at the point I was willing to drop some money to help beat this, and had the free session which was actually very insightful, but then the pressure at the end to split $8k over multiple credit cards was a bummer. If I had known it was that much I wouldn't have wasted her time. I took to the internet to see if any others had the same experience, or reviews as to what makes it so good to be worth $8k.

    4. I was devastated as well! I told this woman all of my deepest darkest secrets and felt super vulnerable and at the end she’s like, it’s $8000. I love the ideas, the podcast and the videos. I heard Lydia talking on a business podcast saying she charges so much so people are more invested. I felt put off by that, so only wealthy people can recover this way? Very upsetting.

  2. Oh that’s sad. I was trying to find out pricing for her program. Several thousand. 😳

  3. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who felt this way! I did the phone call and had this great conversation with someone who was SO empathetic and seemed to know just where I was coming from. It was great. Then it came to what I feel like was the “sales pitch” portion of the call, in which I felt like all the things I shared where in a way “used against me” as reasons that I should be willing to spend $10k on the program (price went up at the new year). I was so disappointed because it sounded awesome, but like I told the person on the phone, I had NO IDEA it was going to cost that much and I wasn’t going to go into debt to do the program.

  4. Hi Vicki how may I contact you privately on this platform?

  5. I loved my "breakthrough session", I truly felt a lot of breakthroughs and felt like my coach truly cared. In my mind, I was thinking OK...if it's $500, I'm in. Maybe I could swing $1,000. So when he told me the price was for 10K...but he could give me deal for 6K...I was like...um...I need to talk to my husband. He then used my words against me and said- I know your husband would want to support you. Do you feel like he (my husband) would want to hold you back? I like Lydia. I did my research on her and like her approach. However, I am TOTALLY un-impressed with how the call went from caring, empathetic to shaming me with my own fears (which they ask you about) and worries. In essence, they will take away your shame around food, and instead shaming in to paying them. I had to tell the guy SEVERAL times that I wasn't paying money today. He battered me with that decision and said I probably wouldn't make the change if I didn't join now. So, so disappointed. I don't care how good the program is, this was flat unacceptable.