Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Welcome...It All Starts Here

World English Dictionary
flip side

— noun
1.another term for B-side
2.another, less familiar aspect of a person or thing: the flip side ofJohn Lennon

That's the definition, in case you were wondering.  When I started thinking about blog names, I thought 'what really defines my parenting role/situation/style and might be kinda witty?'  And right away I thought of 'The B Side'.  

Let's be honest....unless you were born before 1980, you have no clue what a B Side is.  Basically, when you bought a record of your favorite song back in the ice age, there was another song on the other side that was less popular but had the potential to appeal to  some people.  That was the B Side of a record.  Almost no one bought the record for the B Side song. Another term for that is 'The Flip Side'.

I did not think I was going to be a Flip Side Mom when I got pregnant.  I didn't think I was going to be one when I got married.  I can't say that I didn't think I was going to be one when I was younger, because until I was about 27, I didn't think I was going to be ANY kind of mom.  (That's a story for later.)  I really imagined being a full time, or mostly full time, mother.  I waited for what I thought was the right situation because I was determined that *I* was going to raise my children.  

Well, The Big Guy Upstairs threw a curve ball at that one and now I'm learning to cope with this change in plans....and trying to remember to appreciate 'the village' that I am blessed to have helping me raise our daughter.  

I'm not a full time mom.  I own a small business that I cannot quit.  I'm not with my daughter as much as I would like.  Not even CLOSE to as often as I'd like.  My husband is her primary parent.  I'm happy for him, but always grieving those missed milestone moments.  My parents are our back up....a lot.  Thank God for them because I would have a two year old with bad habits that still ate baby food if it wasn't for them.  

I have photos of Allie all over my car, phone, iPad, day planner, etc. so I can look at her when I'm away.  I cry a lot.  I vent to dogs all day.  And I spend a lot of time listening to stand up comedy to try to cope.  (Laughter really does pull your mood out of the crapper....we will get to Operation Funnypants later). (Yes, I am aware that you know we're going to "get there" on everything eventually so I'll keep the future references to a minimum).  

I're still not sure what in the hell I'm talking about, right?  Don't worry.  As soon as I officially sort this out, you'll be the first one to know.   In the meantime....

Welcome to the Flip Side.  

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