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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Trauma-dramatising The Toddler

Hello interweb peeps!

Mother Nature is revealing her Multiple Personality Disorder again.  It was a sunny 50 degrees this past weekend.  Snow melted, and just in the nick of time, things started freezing all over again.  I've done more arm flailing on icy patches than I can remember. I haven't fallen yet (knock on wood), but I've looked like a jackass in front of all of my customers' neighbors.  This weather makes an outdoor occupation very interesting.

2.5 feet of snow + sudden 50 degree temps = driving blindly into fog

As I mentioned in my last entry, while I was sharing a moment with Justin and the scale, Allie was experiencing something entirely different at school..... something that Justin is convinced will come back to haunt us in the form of a large therapy bill later in life.

Think back to when you were a child.  What were your worst nightmares about?  Not the ones about the boogeyman in the closet or being chased by clowns.  The nightmares based on real life stuff.

Chances are that my poor child lived your nightmare last Thursday morning.

Allie had missed a few days of school due to snow storms and her 7 billionth cold of the season.  On Thursday, the school decided to double up and celebrate Valentine's Day and Pajama Day together.
Our holiday card opening ritual.  Getting some Valentine green from Nana & PopPop
That morning, I let Allie pick out which jammies she wanted to wear (very cute canary yellow fleece ones), I packed up her Valentines for the kids and teachers, and off she went to school.

Justin came back from dropping her off and said, "Well, she was the only kid that remembered to wear pajamas today."

"What?  Really??  No one??!" I asked.

"Well, the teachers did.  They were actually pretty excited that Allie remembered so people wouldn't be looking at them kind of funny."

I went back to drinking my coffee and doing my hair when it hit me.  "Oh my God.  We sent our child to school to live out every kid's biggest nightmare.... showing up at school wearing your pajamas while everyone else is dressed normally."

Justin just started at me.  "What makes you think of this crap?"

"It's true.  And if those teachers had forgotten, it would've been completely traumatic!"

He dismissed the drama with, "At that age, kids wear their pajamas everywhere.  She's fine."

I still felt bad.  I was hoping that she was secure enough to ignore the fact that she was the only one who wore pajamas.  Hopefully none of the other crumb crunchers pointed it out either.

A few hours later, the universe decided Justin needed a little more drama that morning since the pjs thing wasn't phasing him.

At 12pm, I pulled into our complex to go to my next appointment.  As I was pulling in, Justin was pulling out.  We locked eyes and I gave him the "Why aren't you at the school" look, he gave me the "Please don't kill me" look.  Immediately I started dialing his number.

"Why aren't you at the school?!  Do you know what time it is?!"  I was totally bugging out.

"I don't know what happened!  I was on the phone with Toyota when all of the sudden I looked up and the clock said 1155am and...."

"OH MY GOD, JUSTIN!  Did you call????"  Bugging out was now an understatement.

"Yes, I called and I told them what happened and that I was on my way and I was so sorry and..."

Child nightmare #2 in progress.

"You forgot our daughter at school!  She's probably standing there all alone with the teachers who are staring at their watches!  This is so embarassing."  I had visions of her in her pajamas, with her little backpack on, staring down the school driveway, all alone, in the rain, soaking wet, crying.....

Okay, so she wasn't crying all alone in the rain.  It was sunny and she had two teachers with her and she was happy.  But that wasn't what my brain was showing me.

"Call me the minute you have her in the car.  Okay???"

Always the good little soldier, he did call me.  Justin was so traumatized by this whole experience that he jumped out of the car and hugged all of them individually when he got there.  The teachers were very nice and reassured him that it happens to everyone so he shouldn't be freaking out.  Allie was fine, sitting in the backseat with her school crafts, babbling away happily about all of the Valentines she got.

"You do realize that one day she will be able to tell all of her friends that her parents sent her to school in her pajamas and then forgot her there, right?"  I could see the teenage version of Allie yelling at me about it when I tell her that she can't do something.  Ammunition of Guilty Measures.

"Actually, I see us spending thousands of dollars in therapy when she's in her early 20's, blaming us for  alllllll of her insecurities because of this one particular day in preschool."

Yup.  He had a point.

I think maybe we just shouldn't mention this ever again....

If you clickity click on the banner below, it will seem like nothing happened, but it did!  You can close the window as soon as it opens if you like.  T'anks peeps!

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