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Saturday, November 4, 2017

What So Funny?

Thursday was completely craptastic in regards to "regular life".  I define Regular Life as everything that happens beyond my control.  Truck breaks down, clients neighbor yells at me for my clients dog's behavior, I step in dog crap, etc.  Just life.

As my incredibly fabulous therapist has trained me to do (nope.....still not sharing his info....he's too valuable and I'm kinda greedy with my sanity maintenance), I "used my humor" to cope with the stressful things going on around me.  It also made me consider that laughter could be handy with getting me through the really tough craving times.  So, I have downloaded my favorite stand up shows to my phone for those moments when sugar starts screaming my name. I'll let you know how that works out.  R&D starts now.

One of my top prerequisites in choosing relationships is a sense of humor. You can only understand how important this quality is when find yourself buckled over, laughing your ass off.... only to look  at the person you're with and see that they haven't even mustered up a smirk.  Utter disappointment.  Relationship O-VAH!

On the flip side, have you ever had a laugh so hard that the person you were with only has to say one word or short phrase, and for the rest of your life the two of you will giggle when you hear it? (Audrey: chiffon!   Craig: Supplies!  Kelly & Rose: CAA. Ron: she turned me into a newt...I got bettah!)   That's totally priceless to me!

That's what my ramblings are about this time.  Please leave recommendations in the comments if you have any!!!  I'm always looking for new stuff!

I had wanted to share one particular clip of Eddie Murphy (Google "Eddie Murphy finding an African wife"), but I try to avoid posting things that might make my mama call me immediately and yell, "I just saw what you posted....You need to take that down immediately!" (And yes, that has happened to me at the ripe old age of 45....and I obeyed)

So, here are some "less-profane" samples of the comedians I mentioned:

Jim Breuer:
This is an older bit, but my favorite story that he tells with an impression....the glorious Dave Chapelle.   I can SEE it in my head:

Kathleen Madigan:
While her stories abou her parents are the best, this is her tearing thru the first five minutes of my recorded favorite show:

Eddie Izzard:
If you can appreciate finding humor in the ridiculousness of religion, this is great:

Chris Rock:
Best PSA ever.

Yours In Laughter,
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