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Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Eggs-travaganzas and Theories

Cleo Louise and her offspring offering
I'm going to blow your mind with my nuttiness this evening.  I know this because when I was thinking the thoughts that I'm going to write about, I got all freaked out and thought, 'This is too much....this blows my mind.  I've gotta write about this!'  Okay...are you ready?

Oh, wait.  First, this lovely red head in the photo is Cleo Louise, our Eclectus.  This morning, just before our Easter Egg Hunt at Mom's (a/k/a Nana), Cleo popped out an egg of her own to contribute to the celebration.  The timing was quite coincidental.  We were literally putting on our coats to leave when she presented us with this lovely item.  When I looked at this photo tonight, it triggered a whole cluster of thoughts that brought me to the "mind blowing" concept I mentioned above.  So, back to that...

If you are female, I want you to consider the possibility that you've already existed for hundreds or thousands of years.  (Yes, please.... DO go back and read it again to make sure you read that right before I expand on this theory).  I looked at Allie this evening as we crawled into bed and realized that she is from an egg inside of my body.  As women, we are born with all of our eggs already stockpiled in our girlie parts and ready to go the minute that puberty strikes, right?  So, when I was born, the Allie egg was already there!  And when my mother was born, the Vicki egg was     already there....which carried all of the DNA and whatnot that was the Allie egg.  So, we are like those little Russian Nesting Dolls!  One inside of another inside of another inside of another, all waiting to come out of the previous one and be discovered!  Tell I wrong??  Is this not a concept of mind blowing proportions??

Mind you, this whole theory gets a little wacky when you add the male component.  Men create sperm as they go along in life, so you really have to reach to find the Russian Nesting Doll theory in action. And truth be told, my mind started hurting, and I kept going back to the mothers, and I couldn't turn the fathers and sons into nesting dolls in my heads.  It started getting wacky and they became GI Joes....never mind.

The Easter Egg scientists hard at work
Hey...Happy Resurrection Day! To make things a little more light and airy, I thought I would touch on the Easter festivities here.  We colored eggs for the first time with Allie.  Justin said he can't remember doing it but knows it happened at least once as a child.  It was kind of fun bossing them around and watching them anticipate how this was going to work out.  To be honest, I almost forgot to do it at all this year.  I guess I get consumed by work and the insanity of the Spring Break rush that I don't really THINK about the Momness that I am responsible for.  As soon as I remembered, I dashed to Target and started collecting all of the items necessary to create a nifty basket for a 2.5 year old and to decorate eggs.   I want Allie to have all of the traditions that I shared with my Mom (and sometimes my Dad too....Allie really hit the lottery in the Dad department, thank God).  I want to recreate all of the memories that each holiday conjures up for she can have those memories too.  Good times, people.  Good times.
Our little ray of sunshine and her done dozen
One last egg related thought for the evening.... I learned that I need to start hanging around with people with children if I want to know what's going on outside of our nice little family bubble that I've been living in.  A few days before Easter my mother called and asked if I was taking Allie to an egg hunt.  "Huh?  What?  I, uh, ummm, crap!  I didn't even THINK about an Easter egg hunt.  They do those here?!"  Again, I was caught up in the work cloud and was out of the kid loop.  I've discovered that they do many egg hunts around here.  The thing is that you have to belong to a church, read the local newspaper, actually speak to people who have children (or even the savvy ones who don't have children!), look up from your cart at the supermarket, show an interest in your community, etc. to find out where they are having an egg hunt.  I found one the day before it was happening and it was conveniently scheduled smack dab in the middle of my morning appointments.  (Side note: Does everything in this town have to start at 10am?  Can we aim for a smidgen later every now and then?)  

At that moment, I felt like a failure as a mother, but my own mom was there to pull my Easter out of the crapper.  "Well, now you know for next year.  Don't beat yourself up over it. We will have one of our own for her."  And we did.  And she loved it.  When it was over, she wanted to go back outside and look for more eggs, even though we told her there weren't any more.  It was the first Easter Egg Hunt I can remember in my entire life.  Mom does a fabulous job of creating a private egg hunt extravaganza.

The moral of this story is that I need to find fellow moms and spend time with them so I can learn about these Momisms in advance.  I am preparing to do so at a local play group this week.  Oh yes, I am taking action immediately.  I'm oddly nervous.  Wish me luck.  I'll let you now how it goes.