Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I'm Dodging Death Left and Right!

An important message flin case I die you all will know WHO/WHATDUNIT!!!

Wow.....that's not an attractive part of the video to use as "the preview"!  Thank you very little, YouTube.

If you clickity click on the banner below, it will seem like nothing happened, but it did!  You can close the window as soon as it opens if you like.  T'anks peeps!

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  1. hahahahaha! OMG VICKI!! I love you so much. I literally laughed out loud the entire video. You are equally as nuts as me!! LOLLL. PS. i hope you don't die.
    love, smash

    1. My damn blog never alerted me that you commented!! Grrrrr!!! Anyway, I knew the moment I read the story about the vacuum that you were my sister from another mister (as the cool kids say! Lol). I was so excited to see that there was someone out there who was as wackadoodle as me! So, I can totally see some inanimate object pissing you off in the same fashion. Lol! Lotsa love, Vicki